La Porte, Texas Facilities

The AFC Texas facility is a multi-purpose manufacturing facility specializing in the production of registered intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the global market at state-of-the-art facilities located on a security-controlled site in La Porte, Texas (near Houston).

This facility is well known for its expertise in performing energetic chemistry at a large scale and has been successfully inspected by the Food and Drug Administration. With state of the art equipment, these cGMP manufacturing facilites were competed in 2001 with significant new equipment added since 2006. Demonstrated energetic chemistries include: phosgene, cyanide, azide, POCl3, Hydrogenation, alkylation, hydride reduction, Grignard and chlorination.

The 5 acre LPE site features a five line, four story processing facility, a maintenance shop, warehouse, tank farm, laboratories and administration building. Total capacity is 89 m3 (23,600 gallon), ranging from .4 m3 to 7.5 m3 reactors. The addition of these facilities increases AMPAC Fine Chemicals total reactor capacity by approximately 30%.

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