AFC specializes in chromatographic separations using highly advanced, commercial-scale simulated moving bed (SMB) technology.

SMB processes can be developed in a few weeks and the process is easily scalable; in most cases, scale-up from gram to multi-ton quantities can be achieved in less than 6 months. This unit operation, approved by the US FDA for the production of certain drugs, provides high purity material with high recovery at a competitive price as compared to traditional purification methods. Typical applications are:

  • Chiral Separations
  • Separation of Diastereomers or Regioisomers
  • Removal of troublesome impurities

AFC provides support for all phases of drug development with emphasis on commercial scale production of intermediates and APIs. Our services include SMB screening, methods development, proof-of-concept demonstration, and production of gram to multi-ton quantities of fine chemicals.

SMB equipment at AFC
8 x 4.6 mm (0.2") and
8 x 10 mm (0.4")

for method development

8 x 50 mm (2")
for Phase I quantities

8 x 75 mm (3")
for high-containment production

8 x 100 mm (4")
8 x 200 mm (8")

for phase II and Phase III quantities

6 x 800 mm (32")
for commercial-scale production

5 x 1,000 mm (40")
for commercial-scale production

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AMPAC Fine Chemicals
AFC manufactures pharmaceutical
chemicals for the global market
at state-of-the-art facilities located
on a large security-controlled site
in Rancho Cordova, California.
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