Continuous processing is a means of expanding plant capacity with minimal capital investment, requiring less labor while providing more accurate control of product purity. In the specialty and commodity chemical industries, continuous processing has been used for many years to maximize throughput and minimize costs via continuous reactions, distillations, phase separations and chromatography. Continuous processing is the next frontier in the efficient production of pharmaceutical substances.

Continuous Processing is the backbone of AFC's successful history in fine chemicals and is a significant part of AFC's current technology infrastructure. AFC inaugurated a cGMP Batch/Continuous Process facility for Kilo quantities and has successfully developed and demonstrated at lab scale 12 different continuous processes using AFC's "Zone Reactor" concept.

Based on our long and successful history of using continuous processes to produce thousands of metric tons per year of various energetic compounds for the defense industry, our experienced team of engineers and chemists has integrated continuous processing into two of our cGMP technology platforms: SMB chromatography and energetic reactions.

At the heart of the SMB technology is the continuous separation of binary mixtures. Product identity is defined by time intervals. Government regulators have approved this concept in numerous audits of the AFC method of manufacturing API's in the SMB units.

Conducting energetic reactions in a continuous mode is typically the safest (and sometimes only) way to effect the synthesis. AFC has implemented this across numerous platforms, including the use of diazomethane-fed continuous reactors for the manufacturing of hundreds of metric tons of advanced intermediates and API's.

AFC is currently developing batch-to-continuous conversions for the proprietary processes of two customers. Our services include process development and engineering and production of kilogram to multi-ton quantities of fine chemicals under Continues Processing Conditions. In 2013, AFC started collaboration with Proteaf to develop continuous processes focused on pharmaceuticals. Proteaf sells equipment and provides technical support to AFC and can also develop processes at lab scale and transfer to AFC for Scale-up. We stand ready to apply our continuous processing expertise to assist others in reducing costs and improving control of chemical processes.

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