Hydroxylethylethylenimine (HEEI)
A production capacity of 1,250 MTA (metric tons annually) was achieved in 1974 with a cascade of three 350 L (90 gallon) reactors. The product was recovered via flash evaporation while the solvent was recycled by fractional distillation.
Hydroxylethylethylenimine (HEEI)

Ethylene Imine (EI)
The production of ethylene Imine, a highly volatile and toxic compound, was accomplished in 1979 at the rate of 2,000 MTA with the combination of cascading reactors and fractional distillation.
Ethylene Imine (EI)

Bromo-Nitromethane (BMN)
More recently, in 1997, a capacity of 500 MTA was achieved with 400 L (100 gallon) cascading reactors combined with fractional distillation.
Bromo-Nitromethane (BMN)

Diazomethane is a very reactive toxic and explosive gas that is useful for a variety of transformations. AFC was a pioneer in the safe application of diazomethane at a commercial scale using processing bays that are controlled remotely. Continuous generation/consumption of diazomethane vapor/liquid has allowed AFC to safely produce more than 1,200 batches of cGMP products using diazomethane at the 3000 L (750 gallon) scale.


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