Rancho Cordova, California Facilities

AFC manufactures bulk pharmaceutical chemicals for the global market at state-of-the-art facilities located on a large security-controlled site in Rancho Cordova, California (near Sacramento). This single site optimizes security, confidentiality and seamless transfer of processes from lab to commercial scale.

The total current AFC production capacity is 351 m3 (92,780 gallons), with reactors from 20 to 16,000 L (5 to 4,000 gallons), and includes four Class 100,000-rated buildings. Highlights of this capacity include two commercial-scale continuous SMB units, a Class 100,000 solids handling and drying facility, four self-contained high-containment facilities, remote facilities for conducting hazardous operations, including a semi-continuous diazomethane system, and three production facilities with azide processing capability. In 2011, AFC extended its capabilities to the manufacturing of Schedule II - V controlled substances with a total reactor capacity of 9.65 m3(2550 gallons) and is registered to manufacture 4 key controlled substances; Thebaine Intermediate, Tapentadol, Methyl Phenidate and Dexmethyl Phenidate.

Customers are encouraged to visit us to review the fully integrated manufacturing infrastructure.


AMPAC Fine Chemicals Facilities

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